About Us

AIF was formed to support the development of small businesses through the implementation of Enterprise, Enterprise Supplier and Socio-economic Development programmes. We are committed to conducting in-depth needs analyses of the small businesses which we serve. As a result, customised interventions are implemented with the objective of building sustainable small businesses that contribute to the economy as a whole.

Business development programs are aligned to the B-BBEE codes of good practice allowing companies to gain maximum points from their BEE spend. 


Our services help bridge the gap between corporates and small businesses by assisting small businesses
to achieve sustainability. This is accomplished by implementing enterprise development solutions on behalf of corporates to enable them to include these small businesses into their value chains. 

AIF Integrated approach to B-BBEE


We believe that all elements of the B-BBEE codes should work together to empower, enable and sustain its beneficiaries.

















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