Development Services


We are passionate about uplifting entrepreneurs and promoting an awareness of the soft skills which are essential to the relationships required to sustain a business.


We believe that the individual cannot be separated from the business, and for this reason, AIF takes a holistic approach to mentorship focusing on both personal and professional development.




A mentor is defined as 'an experienced and trusted advisor' and mentorship is an important part of an Enterprise Development program.


AIF has access to a range of business mentors with extensive and varied experience.


Mentorship sessions are flexible and non-prescriptive yet there is a pre-prepared learning and growth path. It is essential to understand that no relationship environment is ever the same. Based on these sessions mentors will recommend a variety of possible services or interventions which will aid the business in its growth and sustainability.

The main objective of mentorship is to support, guide, and facilitate the personal and professional growth of the mentee and the business by:




Enabling the mentee to develop their own skills, strategies and capabilities

Identify weak points and assist with a strategy to overcome these weaknesses

Follow up on the progress of the mentee and business, holding the mentee accountable for implementation 

of strategies developed

Open networks and encourage the entrepreneur to take advantage of networking opportunities

Link the entrepreneur to specialized coaching services where necessary 

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