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In early 2018 a shared passion brought this crazy bunch of people together- the passion to see small businesses grow and thrive. All of us have worked in development in one way or another over the years, and we all had one thing in common…we became disillusioned by the status quo.

It seemed that wherever we looked funds were either getting into the wrong hands or they were being misused. When we established AIF we thought long and hard about how best to safeguard ourselves against falling into the same traps. This is why we decided to establish a not-for-profit company with very specific values and principles which are reflected in our MOI.

So far it has been a tumultuous journey with lots of ups and downs. We have truly experienced all the pains and pleasures of a startup which means that we can truly relate to the SME’s that we support.

We are so grateful to our clients who took a chance on us and to the small businesses that we’ve supported to date whose commitment, determination and sheer grit inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing. To our mentors, coaches and partners who have also dedicated their lives to the growth of small business we thank you and we salute you. 

We remain committed to the spirit of the B-BBEE codes and transformation in South Africa. We strive to add value to our corporate clients, to ensure that their funding is used effectively and efficiently to support small business. We also strive to understand the needs of our small businesses and to build customized programmes that are intended to truly shift them and their businesses to be the best that they can be!

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