We take a ‘custom’ approach to mentoring our SME’s, our formula for success is:

  • Meeting the Entrepreneur where he/she is and plugging the gaps where possible (not putting them through a generic programme which could leave some behind)

  • The Business and the Entrepreneur are not seen separately (offering personal development support as well as business support)

  • Mentors and Coaches are supported by debriefing after meetings and matching the business needs to resources

  • Allowing time for trust to develop between the  Entrepreneur and the Mentor to enable a richer support environment

  • Allowing the Entrepreneur to determine what success looks like and setting goals to achieve this.

  • KPI’s are determined before commencement of the programme and impact is measured accordingly.

  • Support does not cease when the programme ends. The SME joins the network.

Our Coaches and Mentors are industry experts in their fields and each one has been interviewed and handpicked to ensure a good fit to our business values of Entrepreneurship, Honesty, Integrity and Authenticity.


Peter feels that a good mentor-mentee relationship should be based on the right chemistry (which can take time to develop), mutual trust and respect. Peter places emphasis on entrepreneurs maintaining focus and discipline associated with simple financial planning and management, so important to a business’s sustainability.

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Predoshni Moodley holds a BSc Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration degree.  She worked at Sasol for over 16 years in the field of Process Engineering, Project Management, Business Analysis, Site Development Management and Incubation Management. 

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‘’My reason for doing what I do is because after 51 years in the construction business I have so much knowledge that I have to share.’’

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Nepia has gained valuable experience in SME development and implementation of growth strategies to grow sales and create value. He also has extensive experience in proposal preparation for financing, carrying out due diligence exercises and reports, and training.

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As a Mentor I like to instill in my students the importance of accepting responsibility and accountability at all times as well as understanding key values and how to best utilize these values, along with their strengths, in a working environment.

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With a finance & investment background, Alvin is passionate about numbers and making numbers work particularly for young people with big bold ideas to change the world.

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Rusty’s passion remains in assisting and passing on years of experience to companies to help make them more sustainable. The fact that he can offer impartial advice and act as an independent sounding board to the management of companies which he mentors has proved to be very beneficial in the past.

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Keith is motivated by success and excellence. He is passionate about enterprise development. His skills lie in conceptualizing a business and business plan, financial management for small business, training/lecturing, IT from a business benefit viewpoint, PR, corporate governance.

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Derryn's expertise are in the following areas: Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Feasibility studies, Strategy Formulation, Business set up, Mentoring, Coaching, NPO Sustainability Plans, and Workshop Facilitation.

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Jean is passionate about Sales. He has been a sales professional for 40+ years working with and for large corporates and small businesses – including startups. He believes that no business can succeed without an effective sales strategy that aligns with all the other goals of a successful business.  

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Susan has a background in technology, business consultancy, management, programme design and more. She holds a BCom (Honours) Information Systems degree from the University of Cape Town and has recently completed her MBA part-time at the WITS Business School.

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Kobus Bierman is an experienced mentor and business coach, with expertise in the areas of Business Consulting and Training, Finance/Microcredit and Wealth Generation. His vision is to develop and empower entrepreneurs to meet and exceed their economic needs. 

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Ledimo Ndabezitha is a man who believes in living his values. One such value is developing - self-development and developing others to attain their maximum potential. In line with this value, he has an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Life Coach, Leadership Coach & Business Coach Certification.

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Charlene is an expert in Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) and Business Development. Charlene has demonstrated great success across industries she has worked with through her leadership and Business Development expertise over the past 10 years in the industry.

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