Thusano Fund (NYDA) - Youth Funding Initiatives

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Thusano Fund (NYDA)

The Fund is aimed at assisting small scale, immediate necessities.

What will not be considered:

  • Purchasing of land and infrastructure

  • Bursaries or scholarships (unless a bursary has already been secured but additional funding is required for other expenses like textbooks, accommodation, or equipment)

  • Social individual travel

  • Entertainment and lifestyle

  • Events for profit making purposes

  • Business non quantified capital

Who qualifies?

  • Request up to and including R50 000 per candidate or organisation

  • Individuals requiring funds to settle overdue tertiary or school fees

  • Individuals aiming to pursue short courses

  • NGO’s requiring once off financial support

  • NGOs in need of equipment

  • Events for social development or awareness

Documents needed for all submission to the Thusano Fund:

For Students:

For NGOs:

All applications must be sent to

Please allow a 30-day lead time for the consideration of all applications.

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