Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Over 500 million people have access to the internet in Africa; and although this reflects just under 40% of the population, this level of penetration is 110 times what it was just 20 years ago. Not only has internet access increased dramatically, but so has smartphone usage, with ownership now at 250 million people.

This exponential increase in internet, smartphone and mobile network usage has created extraordinary new opportunities for socio-economic development on the African continent. However, this rapid growth rate has simultaneously created a range of safety concerns, including: • Identify theft • Bullying and harassment • Sex trafficking • Hate crimes • Terrorist recruitment and promotion • Mis or disinformation • Financial scams To address these issues, Impact Amplifier with the support of Google.org, has created the Africa Online Safety Fund to support innovative existing and new solutions to these challenges. While not exclusively focused, the Fund will be favouring solutions, which address women and children’s online safety specifically, as they are the most targeted communities in this regard. Please click start to continue to the application form (https://impactamplifier.typeform.com/to/oSJQXJ)

Africa Online Safety Fund Application The following reflects the questions, which need to be answered in Round 1 of the application process. Please complete the information to the best of your ability, and indicate NA in any fields which do not apply to your organisation or funding request. The application must be completed in one session as information cannot be saved and left to be completed later. If you cannot complete the application in one session, please download the questions here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r5Q4GIEy7UIeVFgIk1wl9eVCx2wQOEguIwFl8R1aKlI/edit#gid=100229095) to review and prepare your answers offline prior to returning to this application form (https://impactamplifier.typeform.com/to/oSJQXJ) Contact papy@impactamplifier.co.za for any technical issues

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