Frequently asked questions

How can I take part in an ED or ESD programme?

We are actively looking for Small Black Owned Businesses across all Industries and Sectors to Support on our programmes. Please apply to join our database if you meet the following criteria: - Minimum 51% Black South African Owned Business - EME (annual turnover of less than R10 million) OR - QSE (annual turnover between R10 mil and R15 million) - Willing to submit all relevant documentation for verification purposes. Please complete the online application form here.

What support services do you offer?

We offer externally and self-funded services in the following area's of business: - Financial Management - Sales and Marketing - HR/Legal - Operations For more information check out our services page.

What training do you offer?

We offer practical small business skills based training that can be implemented in your business immediately. We offer training in the following area's: - Financial Management - Sales and Marketing - HR/Legal - Operations For more information visit our training page.

I have a business idea, how can you help me?

If you have a business idea we can help you with the initial stages of business ideation which typically includes the following: - Business Plan, - Financial Viability Plan - Market Research - Information Regarding Funders and available Funding - Mentorship So before you quit your day job contact us.

Do you offer funding to Small Businesses or Start-ups?

We allocate investment funding towards Small Business Development which means that the support we provide is mostly non-financial and includes the following:

  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • Business planning/Funding Proposals
  • Financial management incl bookkeeping
  • Sales and Marketing support
  • Back office support services i.e HR, Legal and Operational
  • Procurement of equipment and machinery that will increase capacity in your business increasing your chances for growth
We have partnered with financial organisations who provide working capital funding in various forms. Contact us for more information.

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