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Give Yourself A Job Program

‘Give Yourself a Job’ is a mobile unit of AIF which encourages and supports unemployed and underemployed youth (18-35) in township and rural areas, working together, to identify and access viable, sustainable, low-barrier opportunities to give themselves a job.

Business insights, orientations and value-creating skills can only be developed through experience and this is the basis of the GYAJ journey.


Successful self-employment is achieved when


  • Self-employment is seen as an attractive option and possible to achieve

  • Market opportunities are discovered with the support of a team of peers with similar aspirations

  • Networks of useful people are created who provide access to resources, markets and ideas


This is achieved through


  • Recruiting unemployed youth in township and rural areas

  • Organising them into effective Opportunity Teams

  • Providing them with the Give Yourself a Job training and materials

  • Participating in a series of 14 lessons of 3 hours (over 14 weeks)

  • Providing Opportunity Coaches who guide, encourage and support the Opportunity Teams to identify the best opportunity (for them as individuals) and to initiate and grow their own income-generating activities.


Success is based on

  • Focus on low barrier, easily accessible local opportunities with a high probability of success.

  • It is educationally sound, strongly affirming and encouraging rather than daunting

  • Accommodating all ranges of participants.

  • Creation of development capacity to support participants both formally and informally.


Funding is required for


  • Recruitment of suitable youth candidates

  • The provision of Opportunity Coaches                   

  • All materials

  • Basic catering for class days

  • Venue hire (if necessary)

  • Administrative support of the programme


Taxonomy of outcomes

​When participants begin their GYAJ journey they are unaware of the possibilities of empowerment that are available to them. By the end of the programme they diversify their activities to actively seek new opportunities.

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